Just a couple reviews from the nicest clients


"My boyfriend and I have been getting couple photos taken by Jess for a few years now, and it's quickly become a tradition! My boyfriend was overseas for nearly a year at a time, resulting in a huge gap in our photos. When he came to visit, we turned to Jess for help. She took couple photos of us and let me tell you, they got me through some tough times! She captured our relationship perfectly. Her work truly showcased our personality, relationship, and love. They were so beautiful, professional, and well executed they completely filled the gap I felt we had in our photos and memories. Not only does her work surpass all expectations, she is amazing to work with! She makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera, is your personal hype-woman, and will make your experience more than just a photoshoot. Jess made each photoshoot a memory. Now, my boyfriend and I get photos taken every anniversary! I adore Jess and her work. I'm just as obsessed with our first session as I am with our last because her work is truly timeless." - Jenna & Keven

" I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for your work, but most importantly, for being you. I have battled with insecurities, caring so much about what people think, wanting to crop my body out of pictures... just feeling so down about myself but after our shoot this past weekend you opened up a part of me that I never knew I needed/existed. Because of you- I'm 100% more confident and am learning to be comfortable with who I am, and free in my own skin. Even though the time we had together was short, you have made such an impact on me that I will never forget. I look forward to more shoots in the future!! Thank you for all your hard work, you are truly the best to ever do it and I pray you always remember that your talents are always appreciated." - A cute boudoir client

"Having Jess capture our wedding day was one of the best decisions I ever made! I knew I wanted a great photographer but Jess exceeded my expectations. No only is she naturally talented, but she made my husband and I feel so comfortable in front of the camera (when we're both normally awkward lol) and we had such a great time shooting with her! She loved to experiment and have fun with her artwork and it shows tremendously in the time she takes to talk/meet with her clients, share new photo op ideas, and the endless hard work she puts into editing each and every photo. Jess is wonderfully kind and will do anything to help her clients feel special while capturing the special moments. It was a tremendous pleasure working with her and I 1000% recommend her! You are the best Jess!!"

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